A Love Note

Sipping through the sparkling wine,
At the behest of sun-setting divine
Beholding the touch of our hands,
Swiftly flies the time of golden sands.

Ensnare me not as the moment escapes,
Let me flow through to the farthest cape;
As the twilight makes way to the night,
Hold your breath, Oh my! What a Sight!!

Look, how long we walked hand in hand,
Chasing our love with likes of wonderland
Yet eternity don’t seems so far,
Only if you are with me oh! my guiding star.

Embrace my heart to never let go,
Leave the souls to sink in & glow.
As the wind passes whistling through
I promise my love shall forever be true.

~ Rondrita               


Welcome all to my small world of 'Chasing Infinity'…. The reflections of my endless random musings... A Platform to mirror my thoughts and bestow wings to my imagination.

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  1. Nice one. Loved reading it

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