A Walk in the Rain

Yet another day started as usual. I opened my eyes and adored the morning sunshine peeking through the blinds on the windows. Nothing has changed much except a whole new day and an anticipated feeling of glee inside me. It was a bright sunny day. I knew that this day would sure going to be different as I had some plans already. My morning chores gets over within an hour, the moment my hubby steps out for the office. I finished my work & started waiting for clock to tick 1:00 at afternoon. By that time the glaze of sunshine has become dull due to sudden occurrence of clouds but then nobody has anticipated the Rain.

I had to meet one of my friends “Diya” to accompany her for shopping. I rushed through the door as I was already late to catch the bus at 1:30. But alas!! Again those damn keys – the one & only reason for my delay since my post graduation days. By the time I figured out where my home keys are, I realized its now too late to hope for catching the bus. Inspite of my desperate efforts I missed the bus, as usual and wondered “oh God, yet again because of the keys!!!” At that moment all the similar incidences from my past flashed spontaneously within my mind again making me regret “why my shelf is such a mess?”

I still very well remember how I used to lookout for the room keys just to attend the morning class at eleventh hour. Anyway, unwillingly I had to face the ground reality that now I have to go walking-walking all along by myself. Thank goodness, luckily I had my MP3 player with me to make my walk more pleasing. I hate it when I had to walk long distances all alone just to hear those unpleasant loud horns of the vehicles passing by. I put the earphones on & started walking towards my destination, totally unaware of the fact that this is going to be one of the memorable walks of lifetime.

By the time I started walking, I realized its drizzling. My mind was so deeply absorbed by the thought of missing the bus that I unintentionally ignored the dark clouds hovering up in the sky all this time. Thanks to my hooded jacket which saved me for that moment at least. As I hardly walked 100 meters, the drizzling suddenly turned into heavy downpour. To avoid getting drenched, I took shelter under extended roof of a Gas Station.  I stood there waiting for 10 minutes hoping the rain to slow down. After 5 more minutes, I started walking because by then my mind was sure that this rain would continue for hours. After a bright sunny morning, I couldn’t have imagined a walk in the rain in my wildest dream ever. My favorite numbers were already playing but my ears could also hear the sound of the rain. As I walk passed the canal bridge, I saw couple of ducks & swans enjoying the rainfall. That was a mesmerizing view. At that moment the serenity of that scene aroused the cheery spirit inside me and suddenly I started to enjoy the rain. My speed automatically got reduced & I could feel the unintended smile on my face. I stood there for some time to watch those playful birds and again continued my journey. I couldn’t make out the reason for my sudden vivacious outburst but all I could realize is that I was thoroughly enjoying that walk and was extremely happy.

Technically, the walk is for 20 minutes at my usual speed but it lasted 45 minutes. Anybody watching me that day could easily make out that I deliberately missed the bus to earn the opportunity to walk in the rain. I realized the traffic on the road has reduced significantly due to the rain but surprisingly relishing the noisy speeding tyres which was once unbearable to my ears. I was splashing my boots in the rain water draining from the higher landscapes and could feel the immense joy popped out of nowhere. Home calling could be one of the reasons as I am going to fly to India after a really long time. But then it could not be the whole & sole reason. Somehow I felt that something has unleashed within me and want to fly heedlessly higher & higher. It was more than 4 years since I last got drenched in rain intentionally. And that’s when I understood that its just real me – chirpy & jubilant ever, the persona which confided within me for last few months. The rain has undoubtedly played the vital role to unravel that spirit out of me and making the day memorable.

The rest of the tour passed by thinking of my college days loaded with fun & laughter and cherishing the beautiful sceneries along the way. The time slipped away and so the distance. I finally arrived at the destination and met Diya. Since I was drenched and it was raining continuously, we decided to stay at home and spent rest of the evening over a hot cup of coffee as planned. The day is now gone and is preserved as a memory now but that experience of Rain-walk was a sure shot highlight of the day. An affair worth remembering for the days to come…to unleash myself & live the moment as it is…


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