About Me

Welcome all to my small world of “Infinity Illustrated.”… A space to reflect my endless random musings.

This is the platform to mirror my thoughts and bestow wings to my imagination.

I am a simple next door woman from India with lots of inquisitiveness about life. Being a proud Bengali, I would like to label myself as a devoted Nationalist with multicultural upbringing. Thanks to my beloved Father’s Defense job which landed me to whole new world of different cultures every 3-4 years. Currently I am living in Amsterdam with my husband & darling daughter.

Writing happened to me accidentally. Being an ardent reader, I love to hang around with books and various articles & blogs on Internet. During my first few idle months in Amsterdam, my Brother-in-Law encouraged me to take up writing through blogging. & Voila!! Here it is in front of you all.

For me its just not the blog but is a gallery of my unspoken mind where I can express & share my views on different themes of life. The post & contents are glimpse of my experience with life and am more than happy to share it with you all.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all enjoy reading it.