Deep Down Under

Sometimes, somewhere through the rough & smooth patches of life, the sands of time do recognize you. Very often a thought clicks my mind & compels my heart to again visit those charismatic fun filled childhood memory lanes with no ambition to ever follow, just a tension free simple life to lead nowhere. It’s just to live with the moment….no commitments, no dreams ever to achieve. Unlike the western culture, the parenthood in India is more custodial & restrictive in nature, but those restrictions were never felt like the same as of now. If believed I am into the most independent stage of my journey with everything essential in possession to lead a comfortable luxurious life, but then why the vent still exist. Its something I desperately want to ignore but as the time slips away, the more I get into the wilderness of the urge to return back. Every time an empty hollowness is intriguing the soul within me just to ask “Is it really worth”. Feels like the dignity of life has lost somewhere. Wonder where my search through memory lanes will end…

Through all these years, I never anticipated the value of peace & serenity, but now with each & every moment passing by; I realize that something very precious has been left out far beyond, assuming “It” the most unworthy of all. The one which never tempted my desires suddenly started captivating my thoughts. All I wanted is to scream my life out, feel every flash of second, live the excitement & turbulences all over again just to possess tranquility of soul. Chasing after ambitions influences every walk of your life so intensely that you voluntarily refuse the universal truth of attaining Peace & Content. This fact was first realized by Lord Buddha who enlighten the world by his noble teachings, but do we really follow it even after knowing the truth so well?

All these years I tried to figure out the best possible livelihood for me but now it all seems to be in vain. Prosperity without contentment is meaningless. Contentment not only in terms of Peace but also in terms of satisfaction being with your loved ones & owing responsibility towards your Parents, siblings & all other around you. But is that all?????

Whole life we run chasing to get something we don’t have but often tend to forget what we do have. We never realise that our desires have now become needs or rather we have termed it as need as we don’t possess that. But where to stop….a million dollar question. For me life has become so hectic & monotonous that I could hardly come up with the right answer, although I know the solution as well as the repercussions but unable to avoid it for now. Maybe one day I will…..

Somebody has truly said “Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty”…..


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