Admist the silence of early morning,
Getting up to the ‘Mahalaya’s’ chanting;
Don’t know how long the year has strived,
I am glad ‘Maa’, you have finally arrived.

Oh-boy, my heart is rollicking & overjoyed,
How your arrival has filled up the empty void;
Now the time is here to celebrate & shine,
Here we gather up all to greet the holy Divine!!

Look at the spectacular of majestic ‘Pandals’,
Adorning ‘Maa Durga’ –The ultimate Royale!!
Tag along with dear ones & get onboard,
Here begins the festivity of highest accord.

A whole new experience is going to embark,
Resonating the air with rhythms of ‘Dhaak’;
Witness the elysian aura radiating the space,
Glorified by intricate ‘alponas’ & sweet incense.

The exhilaration of decking up in 6 long yards,
Nothing can beat, being in traditional avatar;
Those tempting aromas of delicious ‘Bhog’,
Still so fresh and so much yearn for more.

Oh, the conjuring sights of ‘Dhunuchi Naach’,
Beholding the enchanting goddess of the mass;
Bestowing our souls for the sacred rituals,
Soaked in prayers to call upon the holy Celestial!!

Yet again the time is here to say goodbye,
Smearing ‘Shidur’ and reddening the sky.
Ain’t these moments have escaped so fast,
Come back soon Maa, till this memory last.

~ Rondrita               



  • Durgotsav – Festival of Maa Durga which usually is a 10 days long affair.

  • Mahalaya – A day on which ‘Bengali Hindus’ offer prayers to their ancestors and marks the beginning of countdown to the ‘Durga Puja’.

  • Maa – Synonymous to ‘mother’.

  • Pandal – A fabricated structure, either temporary or permanent, in a religious ceremony, like wedding or public worship or a public gathering.

  • Maa Durga – The holy deity of Hindus – Goddess Durga.

  • Dhaak – A huge membranophone instrument like drum with a shape of barrel from South Asia usually played during festivities.

  • AlponaAlpana in Hindi – It refers to colourful motifs, sacred art or painting done with hands and paint which is mainly a paste of rice and flour on auspicious occasions in Bengal.

  • Bhog – Platters of food offering to God. In Bengal especially, khichuri/khichdi is served which is a one pot meal of rice and lentils. After the worship the similar dish is distributed amongst devotee as Prasad.

  • Dhunuchi Naach – A traditional dance form holding hot earthen bowls emanating sweet smelling camphor and incense smoke to the beats of dhaaks (drums).

  • ShidurSindoor in Hindi – A traditional red pigmented powdered vermillion, especially applied as a dot on the forehead or in the parting of the hair of married Hindu women.



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