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Lately, there has been a flood of news that are appearing on various media channels about the next probable prime ministerial candidate for 2014 lok sabha elections.

Well, Neither am I a political critic nor a specialist to represent any definite views over the subject but I am indeed an independent citizen of India to present my own thoughts on something which might become conclusive to change the future of the country. Before I present my views, let me introduce some necessary disclaimers as this might hurt some of the readers sentiments :-

The views represented below are strictly personal and has nothing to do with any political entity. People offended by the post or disagree with the same should realize that this particular space is a private blog which belongs to me.”

rgThe game for the power has already begun. The stage for the great Indian political tamasha has  already been set and the characters are all  ready to play their roles in Arena. Even the speculations for probable prime ministerial candidate are doing rounds in the political gallery. The two major parties opposite each other are INC & BJP. The speculations about the third front is merely a hypothetical theory as it is trying to come into the picture for more than a decade ago. And since then it undoubtedly still remains a dream/hypothesis. Thanks to their inconsistent shortsightedness and lack of nationwide political agenda. The small regional parties which stands together as third front would never be able to hold the prime national position due to their ever changing political ambitions. You may sometimes get to hear about some major players of third Front trying hard to enter the race for PM candidature but it always remains only an effort in vain which ultimately never gets accepted by mass. Apparently it is the tug of war only for the two major political giants since last few decades. & by the end of elections the third party becomes the key entity as the deciding factor to rule the nation as they join hands with one of the giants  who eventually meets up to their political demands. Nevertheless, I was never convinced how these third front parties decide whom to join as they have constituted their initial political agenda against those major parties only. Only the pessimistic thoughts agree to this which I am not at all interested to discuss here anymore.

narendra_modi2Finally, the basic fact remains that the final rivalry is between INC & BJP. INC is speculating the much younger name Rahul Gandhi for prime ministerial candidature where as BJP is set to embark their journey with a much experienced but controversial player Narendra Modi. The media around has already started contemplating different views out of various scenarios to lure the general public minds. Almost every kind of media is being used to capture the mass attention from every genre of people. Being a part of the mass, I am also witnessing this phenomena. But as far as my decision is concerned, I am very much a firm believer of “Actions speaks more than Words” & this inevitably declare N.D. Modi much ahead of Rahul Gandhi, at least for me. For the last one decade, Congress is ruling the nation whereas almost for the same tenure, BJP is also ruling Gujarat – lead by Narendra Modi. Many people out there have some apprehensions about the latter as it is evident from some past incidences which shook the nation frantically. His continuous association with ugly legacy of 2002 Gujarat riots has certainly attracted him the worst criticism ever. But the question still remains – is it the only criterion on which one’s judgment should be based? I do agree that the sentiments of a particular community has been hurt in the past but one should not forget that Gujarat itself consists of considerable chunk of the same community residing there which is also playing a significant role in Gujarat politics to make Modi win consecutively for third tenure. Moreover, I do believe that since he is running for a prime & crucial position, his alleged so called ‘communal mindset’ must have been changed by now with a more secular approach.

dus7qsmuu97t6hzulcmj-74864Also, not to forget that after a major revolution of anti-corruption movement, another new party came into existence for the first time to compete in general Lok-sabha Election. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led by Arvind Kejriwal felt its presence by relating its political agenda in line with common man’s day-today issues. I am a big supporter of A. Kejriwal and whole heartedly respect his stand on the current major issue of eradicating corruption. But as far as prime-ministerial candidature is concerned, I do not see him in the race as of now considering the fact that he is too naive for the same. The Prime Minister is the face of the nation. This position represents the country to the world & thus it is very important that the person should be dynamically active & confident. The diplomatic & political decision-making power keeping in mind all the aspects safeguarding the country’s interests & development can only be earned with the experience. I absolutely do not deny his candidature for the PM role but I do feel that he needs much more experience before he can actually lead the Nation. He should definitely run for the PM candidacy in future & seem a perfect role-model for the same. But for now he should focus more on increasing the party’s credibility among the general public.

The point to be noted here is that I am not an ardent fan of Narendra Modi or BJP but indeed I am trying to be more reasonable about the fact that he did bring a remarkable change in Gujarat in last decade to make him stand out of the crowd sufficiently enough. There are many factors & grounds a leader must be judged on. I am certainly not denying the basis that Mr. Modi does not carry a disputable background, but it isn’t the only point to judge a political leader. What about the other dominant characteristics which co-exist with this personality. A firm & tough leader who has changed the entire image of Gujarat not only in front of whole nation but the countries abroad have also witnessed this exceptional change & acknowledged it whole heartedly. He has the potential to change the overall scenario under his leadership which other leaders could not do it in past several years, leave aside the cribbing excuses. As far as political career is concerned, who doesn’t have a disputed past. I can vouch that most of our political leaders have a grey history about which the general public is unaware of. Its just that the public is made to believe what is shown & highlighted in the media specially for the top brass leaders.

The current situation of the country is deteriorating from some time specially after the economic slow-down of 2008. India was indeed not among the majorly hit countries but it did highlighted some of our dependencies in terms of economic growth. Now it is the high time to introspect ourselves & realize where the country is heading for last one decade. It is not about only BJP governance but more of a one strong leader who is confident enough to head our country towards development. He is one of those leader who has a very clear perspective as where to lead the country & knows exactly what to be done to achieve that goal. His very open & broad inclination to accept & apply new approaches within the defined scope of development makes him a clear winner. “Politics for me is not an Ambition, but a mission” – This famous quote by Modi actually exhibits his much accomplished competency to perform in every diverse situation. His phenomenal achievements speaks for itself. This go- getter ability of him has also made his critics to acknowledge & praise his establishments at some point or another. One of the strong headed leader, which India needs desperately at this moment. I am in support of him. Are you???





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  1. Ashish says:

    Great write up! I did not know that you have so much awareness of Indian politics!

    • Rondrita says:

      Thanks… 😀 …Now a days, media is so full of these articles that one can’t escape & hence indeliberately gets familiar with the situation. Moreover, I do have some interest in Indian politics & like to update myself with the latest scenario… 🙂

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