Is It “THE END”?

Its been now three days since that deadly Tsunami triggered by 8.9 magnitude earthquake, struck the shores of northeastern coast of Japan claiming thousands of lives in no time. I have been following the news on all possible sources of media for last three days and wondering whether is it just the beginning of “The End” predicted in 2012. As I explore the time few years back, the fear inside me got stronger & stronger. The frequency of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and forest fires have increased manifold. While in the past one would hear about a natural disaster occurring once in a while, now it is almost a monthly occurrence. With every natural calamity struck on humanity, it boosted the omen of 2012 leaving behind its everlasting tale of destruction.

Undoubtedly life is the sacred entity not to be ended this way. With so many lives engulfed within a leap, seems like nature has no regard for humanity anymore. All the devastating forces of nature combined their efforts to deliver massive destruction to mankind. But then, is the nature only to be blamed??? For last few decades, man has disturbed the equilibrium of nature significantly. As our excess desires & pursuit of endless fleeting pleasures at the cost of environment increase, so will the frequency of all the natural disasters. We have to understand that mankind cannot exist on its own, it has to sustain along with the nature as a whole. As the matter of fact, humankind is rooted very much deep into the environment we live in. Man, the mightiest breed on earth tries to empower the nature at every step well ignoring the bottom line of our existence.

Now the question arises, Could this world be a better Place for living??? As we are the part of nature, its us who has to abide by the laws of nature rather to apprehend it. We have to inculcate the desire to transform ourselves right from the core level to accept and acquire a new surrounding, which helps us to realise the connection and balance of nature. This transition has to actualize towards the higher level of existence to be implemented in our day today chores of life. This transformation will then further reveal deeper and deeper levels of connection within the human race and the nature we live in. The Balance with the nature can only be established through this transition and concluded by reaching a state of perfection, love and harmony.

This is the turning point for humanity. The Future is yet to be determined. The time is slipping away rapidly. Its our call now.  Its Now or Never…..

These lines fits perfectly to the world of my dreams –

There’s a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow…. Heel the World by M.J




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  1. Ashish says:

    Indeed, we owe a lot to mother nature; and just like any other mother, she has to resort to punishments for us when we behave irresponsibly.

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