Life – The Unsolved Mystery !


Always together in every walk of Life…

Life never seemed so perfect to me until today. It has always been a Roller-Coaster ride with lots of ups & downs throughout the journey. It’s been only a few months since I started working again after a long break of almost 2 years. I got so much used to the daily home chores & post lunch siesta that I was really struggling for first few days of my job. Comfort became the best friend to me and I seriously hesitated to leave it behind at one point of time. Until today I hope to get things done without any delay & hurdles. Being a perfectly fit individual, I still crave for every single & free token of comfort & lavishness. For me, it was never enough. After moving from India to Netherlands, my comfort zone has already expanded many folds considering the extra & lavish facilities offered in every walk of life. Compared to India, one could have never asked for more. But I guess I proved myself as a perfectly greedy person totally smitten by convenience & ease. But even then, I always used to device an excuse to complain about something or other. Alas, the old habit never dies. 

It was TGIF – to be more specific Friday evening. Since I started working again, Friday evening now became more momentous than ever before. Thanks to my super hectic schedule at my workplace. My Husband Amit & I planned to have Dinner at a restaurant in Leidseplein – one of the busiest & famous squares of Amsterdam. We very often hang out there & the places near-by as it has some of the best restaurants in the city. Even that particular Friday started with a very casual note. The weather was very unlikely warm that day – almost perfect. We preferred to sit outside the restaurant to enjoy the sun & ordered our drinks & snacks. Sipping our respective drinks (still waiting for our snacks to arrive), we were just talking about the day, our work, weather & all our typical possible stuffs under the sky. As usual, I again started nagging up on something very silly. To be more precise, I always take certain things very seriously & if it doesn’t goes my (the usual) way, things easily starts bothering me even if it is not directly related to me. Because of this attitude of mine, I always end up getting in trouble & this certainly is one of the major concerns of Amit regarding me. Amit was trying to convince me to get over the situation but I was continuously struck on that like a stubborn kid. I was trying to figure out the logic and reason behind it & was ending up getting nowhere making it even more complicated. To avoid more discussions on it, Amit tried to deviate from the topic & started talking about something else. At that moment even I realized to stop more discussions on the same & again we were back on our happy talking & chatting. 

After few moments our snacks arrived. & I found myself totally indulging into it as I was already feeling very hungry by then. As we were having our snacks, Amit suddenly recall an incident which happened to him the same afternoon. I got quite excited as he has got a unique way of narration which I find very interesting. At that moment I didn’t had a slightest idea that this would make me realize a very small yet vital lesson of living Life.

Amit has to pick up some stuff from a shop during his Lunch time at office. Amit’s office is just 5 Minutes’ walk from underground Metro station. While his way back he noticed an aged couple probably in their 6o’s getting down from escalator. Upto that moment everything seemed perfectly fine. Suddenly he noticed an unusual thing about them – Both were blind. They were holding their white canes & were trying to get out of the Baffle gates in Metro Stations. The lady was holding the man from one hand and her white cane in another. The man was mainly trying to figure out the directions on their way & the lady was following him. Their only mistake was they went for the wrong Gate. Actually in Amsterdam zuid Metro station, there is another baffle gate for the Public washroom within the actual gate. The only difference was that the baffle gate for washrooms accepts money/coins & the gate for metros accepts the OV-chip cards. The couple got confused between the two & instead of going for Metro gate; they mistakenly headed for the washroom & was trying to swipe out their chip-card which doesn’t accept cards. Amit saw them struggling to get out of the situation for few moments & then approached them to help them out. He asked them about their destination & leaded them to the correct gate. The couple was so relieved & happy that they expressed their gratefulness & blessings all along the way to him. Amit took adieus from them & again headed to his work. 

It was such a small story but it brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched that I couldn’t able to hold myself & was struggling not to shed tear out of the eyes considering the fact that I was sitting in a public place in front of a crowd. To cover that up, I tried to act like I had spicy Yakitori chicken (so silly of me 🙂 ). But I quickly got out of it after few minutes. But wait, that’s not where the story ends. There was more to it, more deep & intriguing. Amit watched me through the whole incident & then he said “You know they were very happy together. Despite of their disabilities, they were happy & content.” The statement hit me hard like anything. I instantly knew what he meant. My every day tantrums especially the complaining attitude about everything related to life & system was his main targets. Even that was one of his replies to our discussions few minutes ago. 

He made me realize that one need not to be in perfect condition to be happy. It is one’s approach & perspective towards every situation. Some take it easy & some might take it hard. One always needs not to find the reason or logic behind every occurrence. Many events are natural in this world & should go the way the nature wants it. Sometimes it is only the heart & not the brain. It is ultimately not the disability anymore but one’s purview of reactions over various situations. It’s upon the individual whether he or she wants to pick up the negatives or positives. I could practically relate the moral story of the glass half empty or half full today with this incident. But the final question still remains that is this life is all about complains & regrets. We all waste our precious moments on something which we doesn’t want to recall but still unknowingly we are indulging ourselves deeper into it. Being so much blessed with every possible amenity around me, I used to crib about the negatives & completely ignored to appreciate the positives. 

I can’t change myself in a day but I can definitely try to limit my grumblings to the barest minimum & would try to look the positives rather than the negatives. There is still so much in life to unfold and explore. Till date, I am very much aware of my shortcomings & grudges which I hold & bear it to my tomorrow. I know it hurts & would only make my life miserable.  But this incident has definitely made me realize & think. The life is too short to spend it for hatred, complaints & regrets. I know this is the perfect time for me to introspect & act. And from now I shall try my best to make sure that this life wouldn’t be a unsolved mystery anymore…


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