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The Nature has shown her fury once again. This time even the holy shrine pilgrimage Kedarnath could not avoid itself from the destructive cruel claws of nature. The whole country was in utter shock when the news broke into the various News channels of the country. A minor landslide which was reported earlier has taken a shape of massive disaster within a couple of hours & eventually became a headline all across the globe as one of the worst disasters in the history of the country. Nobody would have anticipated that the landslide & flood caused by the cloudburst which is very common in the state of Uttarakhand would take such a devastated turn. Thousands of people who started their pilgrimage to Kedarnath would have never thought that it would be embarked as their last journey of life. Not only thousands of lives are lost but a great deal of property & development are met to dust.


Kedarnath shrine before & after the landslide

Natural Calamities are unavoidable. But the root causes very much dig in down to human deeds. Even science equipped with their most advanced tools cannot predict the occurrences’ of these disastrous events precisely. & that’s where Nature shows her mightiness against all other forces in existence. & nevertheless to say, these calamities are beyond the human control. We as humans have actually gone beyond what nature has permitted to play with. & now the damage has been done. Obviously the majority of which are irreversible in nature. & the Kedarnath Disaster is one such example. What an Irony, within moments the journey to the holy pilgrimage unexpectedly turns into a graveyard for the devotees. What a grievous tragedy!!!


An old picture of Kedarnath temple taken in the year 1883

But what upset me more is not the natural calamity but the human deeds & reaction after the incident. Just a few weeks after the misfortune, news started to follow on regarding the rapes, cheats, thefts & robbery faced by escaped pilgrims on their way back. Even the dead’s are not spared. The jewelries & valuables on the bodies buried under the landslide have been snatched & stolen. It seemed like the bodies are being unearthed only to gain valuables & wealth and not as a moral responsibility.  I was really shocked & rather disappointed on how human greed & lust has overwhelmed the basic humanitarian consciousness of human mind. It’s a shame & pity that some people are becoming opportunistic in this grave catastrophe where whole nation stand united. Even in my wildest dream, I have not expected it from my own people. A regretful event indeed!!!

The human ideology has touched the lowest level ever. People are so desperate & restless that they no longer care for human values & constantly on a watch to hunt for their own benefit. Is that the same country with very firm foundations of sacrifice and nobility? Did the lessons & teachings from primary schools of sharing and caring have gone in vain? I am still very hopeful that the answer to the above questions is ‘No’. But the reality speaks the other way. People are becoming more self- centered & mean. The culture and ideology of Indian Culture is gradually vanishing somewhere under the whimsical cover of modernism. If this is the example those people are establishing, I am really concerned over the future generations of the country. This isn’t something that is very usual, yet it is not something which can be ignored easily. All the individuals are responsible for their own actions & they must realize this kind of actions creates a vicious circle which engulfs not only the people around themselves but also a part of society. These thoughts must be taken into consideration for the fact that this might also adversely affect the future generations influencing them to take on misguided course.

Amidst so much of adversity, the ray of hope was still alive. The paramilitary forces & Indian army were the saviors of the whole episode. They did a remarkable job of saving thousands of lives despite of knowing the fact that they are risking the life of their own. A big thumbs up & kudos to the true heroes of the nation. If only everybody else could have served the same way, I would have been the happiest. These harrowing reports of robbery & thefts tarnished the efforts & sacrifices of these brave men. Being an Indian national, this event hurt & worries me a lot. & I truly hope that those bad understandings of my mind are proved wrong. Fingers Crossed.


The Serene Beauty of Kedarnath Temple




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