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Life is a journey to an unknown destination. A destination which everyone has to walk through without having any clue of what lies ahead in the future. A destination which requires unceasing & everlasting decisions, either good or bad throughout the journey. These decisions are those vital moments which determines the course of life & can either make or break one’s future. Some might take it as an opportunity & some might refer it as an evitable development (either positive or negative).

Most of us just take life as it comes. Only Handful of them make spontaneous decisions to take control of the situation. These people like to be in charge of their own fate. One who takes the responsibility & sail it off well are indeed the conqueror of their destiny & those who goes with the flow smoothly are the ‘happy go lucky’ ones. People who take risks & chances are the ones who either desperately looks for an opportunity in order to change their present stature or those who simply love to experiment with life. The art of playing with the uncertainty is a source of constant excitement for them. It is said that opportunity knocks the door only once. And every opportunity has something to offer either Good or Bad – depends on the individual’s way of handling the situation. Just before making any decision, one has to understand that there is very thin line between making a sane choice & stupidity. Only one deed is enough, either to land you in bad circumstances or set you up for a wonderful experience. The choice is undoubtedly yours but again the consequences are random.

Businessman walking on the highway road to new city, symbolizing as the way to the new opportunityVery recently, I came across this incidence which happened to one of my acquaintances and made me realize the uncertainties in life. That person involved will be referred as VS from now onwards. This was around the same time when I started working again after a brief period of cherishing my early days of motherhood. I with the mutual consent of my husband, decided on taking almost an year break from work until our baby girl turns one before introducing her to the daycare. Infact VS and I landed up with our new job exactly the same month. The only difference being that he switched job for a better prospect & I started my professional career again after a break of almost a year & a half.

karjeros_startasVS wanted to shift in a local company in order to stay longer in Nederland, which his previous organisation could also have provided in near future. But I guess, that he wanted some immediate certainty in the plan which at that moment his previous employer couldn’t provide for longer term as they work on project to project basis. Also, the difference in pay scale is one of the major reason for this shift. He started his job search almost 2 months back & fortunately his good experience fetched him a position in a very reputed multinational company. Nevertheless, everybody has the right to determine their own career path & excel higher in professional ladder – UNLESS everything falls right in place. We both congratulated each other for our new job & couldn’t have asked for more. The objective might be different for us but the excitement of a new future was the same for both.

It’s been only 3 weeks since our joining that suddenly I heard the news of VS leaving his new job. My first reaction was indeed a mixed emotions of surprise & shock which made me ask the two obvious questions – when & Why? Did he landed up in another job with better future prospects? Or has he changed his idea of continuing his career in Netherland for long term? All sorts of related questions started popping up in my mind which only VS could answer. But much to my astonishment, I learned that he was actually fired from his new position & is currently jobless. I couldn’t believe my ears at first. But when my husband Amit narrated the whole incident, everything seemed to start falling in its place.

20150911070651-SuccessFailure1300pxSo, this person VS happens to be a very interesting & friendly character as long as he doesn’t get angry. His short temper has often landed him in difficult situations before but he managed to escape every time. But alas, his fate had other plans for him this time. Being Jobless in European scenario is not a big deal as the job market here largely offers temporary or contract based positions unlike India. This gives a greater flexibility for both employee & employer in case of adverse scenarios. But the Indian point of view broadly differs from its European counterpart & mainly focuses on permanent employment. Also, getting fired from a job is an added offense on the part of the employee & is specifically considered as a negative attribute in one’s professional career which might not be always right in case to case situation. Being raised up in an Indian society has also instilled these core negative thoughts in me, but later on I realized my fault. I decided to hear the story first before jumping into any conclusions only to find my inhibitions true.

blogger-image--426540680As per VS, before joining, the company has assured to cater him with the desired location & similar profile in line with his past experience. At first, he didn’t had any work as there were no projects with intended profile in the pipeline for next 3 months. After few days, he pursued his manager for some work but his earlier requirement of seeking a similar profile was keeping his manager at bay. But VS insisted to work in different profile for the time being as long as it keeps him busy for 3 months. But much to his disappointment, they offered him different location which was around one side 2.5 hours away by train, from his current location. However he agreed to the assignment considering it as a mean to kill time & an add-on to his CV.

Depressed Man On BenchBut little did he know, that the total travelling time of 5 hours will take a serious toll on him & would lead to such a fallacious state of affairs with no point of return. In the haste of proving himself, VS could not realize that his tired body has started to play with his mind. Hardly within a week’s schedule, he argued with his project manager & one of his colleague over some petty issue & instantaneously his reputation got jeopardized. His project manager escalated this issue to his department manager & suddenly this incident attracted negative feedbacks against him & in no time it became a major controversy. This influenced his capability to work in a team & at last as per the guidelines of company policy, it was decided by the management to sack him under the permissible duration of code of conduct which is generally 1 month in Netherlands. VS realized his fault & tried to make up for the situation with all possible apologies but it was too late. At last the buck stopped here, within 3 weeks of joining

Coincidently, his department manager is very good friend of my husband Amit. Somehow VS got to know about this fact & insisted Amit to help him to get it all sought out. Amit agreed & talked to his manager candidly in order to get the other side of the story. He informed Amit about VS’s short temper & rude behavior not only in one occasion but multiple times. However, the manager did try to help him but it was a joint decision of management where majority wanted to fire him (might be under some political influence) & that’s why his vote couldn’t have impacted the outcome in any way. Also to Amit’s surprise the manager notified that VS tried to convince him by playing the connection card (with Amit) earlier also but failed miserably. Amit was not very pleased to hear the same as he expected to learn this fact from VS first rather than from his manager. And also because Amit was vouching on behalf of VS, this whole situation put Amit in a very dicey & phony position. Nevertheless, Amit chose to ignore & let go off the incident.

Over the time with the help his contacts, VS managed to land up with a new job. However, this time de didn’t had much choice. His life came back again on track & the dark cloud of uncertainty gave way to the light of new future with endless opportunities to explore with. However the reminiscence of the whole incident still give me jitters on date & makes me wonder every time that how life could be so unexpectedly unpredictable sometime. Within a flip second, the world can get upside down. And before you realize,  you are in a big mess of uncontrollable environment. But that’s how the life goes on, isn’t it?



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