The Identity Crisis

Independence-Day_20When a child is born, Identity is the very first attribute which defines the core existence of society in this Space. Identity divided & categorized by religion, cast, creed, nationality etc. but the key question is who decides the basis of this identity. As a kid, I remember it’s my parents who had influence over my personality. Their teachings & beliefs characterized my behaviour and molded me as one of them. But as I grew older, I realized it is more of an individual’s choice of personification & had nothing to do with your family & past image or manifestation.
ap12The current scenario in India raises this very issue. A recent tug of war has started between two very strong headed & determined group of people who hails from all walks of society. One is so called Left wing Pseudo Leftist/Liberal Intellectuals with over the top secular vision while the other bunch is known as Right wing Sanghi Bhakts with overstated nationalistic views. Almost the entire country as well as Media is now divided into these two ideologies. Obviously the third side also exists as ‘Neither’ but doesn’t hold much ground in current system of events. Both the major afore-mentioned groups are condemning & prosecuting each other on very trivial issues without any significance. Voicing in favor of one side might impulsively be perceived as an affiliation to the same.
People are relatively quick to judge & draw inference over anything you express, even if it meant otherwise. Apparently the boom in social media have played a crucial role in framing the views & perception of the people. The current scenario has become so worse that all the basic rules & etiquettes of a decent conversation/debate no longer exist. The real aspect of the old proverb “Speech is silver but Silence is Gold” no longer prevails in today’s scenario. Being sarcastic, flagrant, demeaning & sexist in your remarks are now considered as a trend. Such is the sourness that withholding the regulations/decisions of Supreme Court of India doesn’t incite any sense of offense anymore.
The exaggerated concept of Secularism as well as Nationalism has somehow overlooked the vital concept of Rationalism. The true essence of rationalism is now forgotten & sidelined. I am afraid to admit that the most intelligent & sensible brains of the nation has also now abandoned their rational approach & are further indulged into most malicious form of political bickering. Not only this but these arguments have matured more into actions & physical violence with time. It has developed some new concepts of Intolerance & Sedition in the history of India for the very first time after Independence.
freedom-of-speech-indiaBy the virtue of free speech & liberalism, many young minds (also the mature ones) began to feel restricted within the prejudice of social & cultural barrier. & this apprehension indeed lead to a sudden burst of anger & frustration from certain part of society. I neither deny nor accept their allegations over most of the issues as they are politicized beyond imagination. The facts are presented in such a twisted manner that the real essence of the same is lost & it apparently creates a new controversy all over again. But what worries me the most is their way of expression. Recently in one of the very respectable universities of India JNU, the news of anti-national sloganeering in the campus surfaced out in media & it became the instant hit as a battleground for the above mentioned ideologists.
A student shouts slogans even as JNU teachers and students form a human chain inside the campus in protest.

A student shouts slogans as JNU teachers and students form a human chain inside the campus in protest.

I generally won’t recognize to associate myself with either of them, but as far as this anti-national sloganeering is concerned, my preference would definitely echo the Right-wing nationalistic view. But the question remains – Is this expression worth over the cost of breaking or abusing your own country even though howsoever worst the conditions are? Is it still justified to support the freedom of speech to the extent of sedition? My answer is ‘NO’ – Absolutely No way, NEVER. The country which nurtures your identity & ambitions can’t be disgraced & maligned on the basis of few incidents by a certain section of society.  However, I might not agree with every aspect of Right-wing arguments but anti-national sloganeering was more than sufficient to drag my anger towards breaking point & vouch in favor of them. Perhaps being a defense kid might have instigated my patriotism & compelled me to scribble my heart out here, as a form of Blog.
Indian-flag-in-Bangalore.-Mellisa-Anthony-Jones-Wikipedia1The intolerance drama was enough to create a stir among the citizens which was largely politicized & uncalled for. Not only inflated accusations & campaigns were witnessed but also the reactions were over hyped due to indulgence of Public figures. But who cares? Nobody was even bothered to dig into the sanctity of the news. Many crucial issues were ignored & failed to get a covetable mention in mainstream media. Forget about social arena, even the national Parliament confronted & suffered the wrath of this current trend.
Over all of the arguments till now given & said, I wonder if people are ever going to rise above these ideologies & acknowledge themselves as an Indian first. The mindset needs to be changed & the citizens should realize the passion & feel honoured to associate themselves with the Tricolour. In this mess of information infidelity, one has to rise up strongly & stand as an individual with core integrated thoughts of Nationalism. No country is perfect. Each one of them has got their own pros & cons but that doesn’t make or break the core values of a Nation. Being an Indian as an Identity should by far prevail all other existing personalities. The patriotism should be inculcated within oneself & should be put as the highest priority 24*7 throughout the year, & not merely during cricket matches or on national holidays only. These sentiments must be comprehended & acted upon by all at the earliest before it is too late. The right time is here & it is NOW.


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