The Pursuit of happiness

That morning was quite usual. Nothing was out of way at all. But still my mind was fresh unlike other mornings. I could feel an unintentional smile on my face. Even though I had to get ready for the office, it didn’t seem like eternity. Of course, it was the moment to rise & shine. I kissed my darling daughter on the forehead and got up to open up the curtains to allow the soft morning sunshine to let in the room. It was certainly a lovely start of the day.

After my usual morning chores, I headed towards my office. That morning was exceptionally mild & bright. The collective chirruping by flock of birds was such a music to the ears. The reflecting sunrays from shiny fresh dew-drops didn’t seem less than any wonderland. As if somebody has scattered the dazzling jewels all around. The sweet fragrance of freshly blossomed flowers was an instant hit.  In fact all the people I met during my journey seemed so jolly & welcoming. Oh boy, I realized that I wasn’t only in an elevated mood but actually happy, donning a big broad smile as well. It indeed wasn’t the normal day Or I thought so!!!

Since my one way journey to the office generally takes around an hour, I switched my headphone on and started gazing out during my train travel. Somehow that day, I restrained myself checking on my cellphone which is an usual routine. As a matter of fact, I didn’t suppressed myself but naturally that urge of social media addiction didn’t stuck me with its vicious stings. Lucky me, I guess. This virtuousness got more evident as the day progressed. While listening to one of my favorite track number : ‘Hall of Fame’ by the Script feat, I slipped into completely another world of thought. I didn’t have a single clue when my eyes flipped the vision from beautiful green landscapes to smiley faces I met in the morning. & it was just the beginning. All the good memories of the past started fluttering in front of me one after another. & suddenly I was on my cloud 7 even though not on cloud 9 ;). This whole event forced me to analyze what had significantly changed from yesterday until now & to my surprise the answer was – NOTHING.

So, what was the reason behind this sudden burst of emotions in everyday life? After much introspection, I finally came to the conclusion that it is mostly a state of mind. Of course sudden external factors does contributes immensely to elevate those vibes but its only you who can control your mood swings from better to worse. Rest aside the critical stages or struggles of real life situation with which you don’t have any control on. Joy & sorrow are two inevitable circle of life. The way you respond to everyday situation impacts your present & future. In my case, sunshine & bright clear sky played a vital role which was far better than cold grey weather to give a substantial kick start to my morning.

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. It is something which people continuously strive to have yet struggle to keep. Everybody has their own ways through which one attains a certain level of satisfaction to be happy. It is just a matter of realization to gain that point of wisdom. In everyday life, we tend to forget / ignore little things which makes us smile & eventually try to blend in with the flow. We don’t even comprehend how monotonous the life becomes. Some time you just need to find it rather than waiting for it to pop. This cognizance didn’t come easy, even to me. Over the time, I experimented & found my true happiness in small random acts & used them appropriately to make most out of it.

Following are my top 16 picks that makes me happy and have listed down for you all to draw some inspiration from :

 Being Grateful to the omnipresent : Every day is a new beginning and I am more than happy to acknowledge the contribution of many little things which likely get ignored. I am grateful to nature that I have sunny bright days. I am grateful to my fate that I have a lovely wonderful family. I am grateful to my fortune that I am blessed with many heavenly perquisites & amenities which many people lack in their life. I am grateful to Lord for my good health & life, to let me experience this journey. Once I start noticing & praising these minor things, much greater hindrances becomes an easy walk. Eventually I start appreciating life more than ever.

Be Grateful

Pamper yourself

#  Focus on Myself : Being a working mother sometimes takes a toll on me & I totally tend to ignore myself. Over the time, I have realized that it’s important to focus on myself & do what makes me happy. Things which grooms me & makes me stand out in spotlight. I love dressing up in elegant & stylish outfits, doing my hair & makeup diligently, taking a worthwhile Spa session, having healthy meals to be in better shape, getting my hair & nails done at the Salon once in a while and etc. etc. All these timely perks brings out the best in me & boost my self esteem significantly. Ultimately it is all about only ‘Me’ & ‘Myself’.

#  Doing Charity work : In spite of being a well provided & privileged family, I do acknowledge that many others in this world are not as blessed due to any contingent or probable reason. Even if I don’t get enough time to volunteer in charitable activities or trusts, I make sure that I am at least helping the needed financially to the best of my ability. Living here in Netherlands has definitely given us some financial boost & donating a fraction of our earnings once in a while definitely doesn’t break our bank balance. & of course, the level of satisfaction you get at the end of the day is priceless.

A helping hand

#  Surround myself with Positivity : This is indeed one of the most important aspect we come around in our daily life. Even though life is not easy, it isn’t that bad either. I always like to surround myself with people who are genuine & don’t judge others. Everybody has their own path to walk but encouraging others doesn’t cost anything. The positive vibes from people really help to explore myself & bring out higher potential in me. I generally separate myself from people with negative energies and don’t pay any heed to them. It is far better to be alone than be with a bad company.

Being Confident

#  Being confident in what I am : I love myself unconditionally. At the end of the day I am the queen of my own world. I generally try to avoid & sometimes confront those who bothers me. I am a no-nonsense, no-attitude woman & won’t take any negative demeaning criticism easily. Of course I am open to healthy & positive conversation or debates but drooping down to disrespect is not my cup of tea. I stand firmly on my ground and used to voice my mind rather than ignoring it. I would rather tackle with the person appropriately and won’t give-in to other’s bad behaviour or negative comments to victimise my life. Be confident about yourself, take pride in your genuine actions & thoughts and just speak up whenever needed. And that’s when the world will embrace you for what you are.

#  Taking out some ‘Me’ time : Sometimes you never know how your usual routine could take a toll & you don’t even realize when your inner talent & hobbies have stumbled to cease. Rejuvenate yourself and take out some ‘me’ time to revive your old pastimes & activities that used to define your happiness. Being a creative person, I love to read books & articles, write blogs & stories, create paintings & sketches in my free time. There is absolutely no harm to detach yourself once in a while to rekindle your amusements. It exhilarates the true inner artist in me & allows me some quite personnel space of peace & contentment.

Rejuvenate your old hobbies

Faith in Spirituality

#  Breathe Spirituality : I am a religious person. Even though I don’t perform prayers meticulously every day, I still try to worship by being devoted to my divine being without fail. It’s not about the practice but more of a faith. Throughout the years, I have developed this affinity towards the Almighty that gives me immense strength & commitment just by reminiscing his name. It made me grow as a person & taught me about trusting my own intuitions, energies, gut feeling & teachings that guide us through our life here on earth, till we make it to Eternal life.

#  Explore & Gain Knowledge : Knowledge is vast & never enough. Over the years I figured out that if anything is constant then it is the continuous learning & acquiring knowledge about everything under the sky. It’s not necessarily about any particular education but the life experiences which teaches you valuable lessons of Life. Reading books, exploring internet, Travelling around to know cultures, interacting with people & listening stories from elders, all contribute to your learning in one way or other. The more knowledge you have, the better you can deal with real life situations & hence more happiness prevails around you.

Good Music

#  Listen to good music : Music is the instant healer in disguise. It is one of the most underrated tool to flip your mood in minutes. Very often people don’t even perceive their monotonous life until one play some ground-thumping music around. The outcome it produces with that minimal effort is just remarkable. Every morning it makes my life worthwhile during my travel to office. It gives me the proper impetus to kick start my morning & carry on throughout without any glitch. Suddenly everything seems to fall in its place & I feel like taking on the world in my stride.

#  Healthy Finance : This is the most controversial one around. Money is always regarded as synonymous to power. The more money you have, the more power you inherit in the society. But very often it has been criticised as an enemy of peace & happiness. Obviously like every coin has two faces, money also has dual influences. It is always about the possessor of this fortune which designate its true value. It could either enhance or undermine the real worth of money. For me it is certainly a sense of security to lead a comfortable life. Creating a balance is very important. Just don’t be a spendthrift & save enough money for future. But also, don’t be greedy and do treat yourself once in a while too.

Healthy Finances

Long Drives with Family

 Go out for long drives with my loved ones : Spending some quality time with loved ones is one of the best ingredient to spice up the healthy family life in many fronts. And for me, going out for long drives during weekends is the best one of all. It doesn’t only gives me an outlet to interact more during the drive but also allows me to update myself on many important particulars which I might have missed during my everyday life. I always couple it with fun & Leisure so that I ensure it serves both aspects of my goal – work & play. At the end, I feel more connected to my family as happy & pleased as ever.

Be Responsible to your community

 Giving back to community : Life is all about being loved & in love with your family & friends. All my near & dear ones are my support system which established me in this society. I owe them & my community for all the love & support I received till now. To achieve this I extend my kindness & help as far as possible. The help need not be financial but also your behavioural goodwill can earn you some brownie points. Your friendly smile, warmth of love & care, token of respect & appreciation and few kind words of sympathy & wisdom does go a long way. Assisting someone needy in my community instill a sense of responsibility as well as gratitude which is assuredly rewarding. These small gestures does matter & brighten up my day. After all, “what goes around comes around”.

#  Escape for vacations more often : It is one of the most important route to rejuvenate myself. Work with no-play is one of major culprits of fatigue & boredom. One has to understand that venting out is also equally vital to balance out both professional & personal life. I normally try to plan for vacations at least every 4 months, even if it is a small getaway for a week or so. It helps me to stretch out & unwind myself from my daily life by indulging myself in detoxing opulence. It need not to be necessarily luxurious but more of an escape to calm & carefree life for a while. It’s a much needed break to charge myself with a refreshing mind all over again. It indeed work wonders to raise up your level of happiness meter higher.

Take due Vacations

Connect to Friends

 Reaching out to my far flung friends : My friends holds up a special place in my life. They are the one with whom I have endured my best & worst selves tested through sands of time. Even though I don’t talk to them very often or rather sometimes more than a year or so, it still very much feels like yesterday, the moment I connect to them. We always pick up from the very same point where we left last time. True friends remains sincere & genuine every time you talk. You need not to pretend or give excuses but rather they bring out your real persona which many a times we tend to overlook. Certainly one of my favorite stress-buster which leaves me with a smile every single time.

#  Constantly strive to be better : Being a perfectionist (blame it to my Zodiac), I always strive for “better the next time”. I am my own competition. I don’t compare my life with others. Many people around inspire me every other day. And although our paths are different but the goals of having a perfect life might be similar. Everybody has a different path to walk on & obviously in different shoes as well. But that doesn’t mean I don’t admire others & can’t work towards those same results. I always try to thrive myself on utmost grounds of human values in every field, be it at home, profession or my extra-curricular activities. This gives me a great pleasure to applaud myself with proud sense of achievement & success.

Health is Wealth

 Indulging in Fitness : Last but not the least is my health. Over the time, I definitely realised that ‘Health is indeed Wealth’. It is not that often now that I used to indulge myself in fitness activities like sports & yoga as in the past. I really regret not being a part of it for long time & want to involve myself again in some kind of fitness regime sooner than later. Playing Badminton, swimming, running & biking were the ones I used to do on regular basis. Although I walk a lot in my daily routine, it is not enough to keep up my fitness level at par. Healthy nutritious food & proper exercise boost your stamina & keeps you up & running throughout the day. It also keeps you energetic, active and uplift your happiness hormones & neurotransmitters.

All these above actions gives me a reason to smile & gear up my life to start afresh everyday. Hope some of you might have got motivated & found a reason to be happy. Cheers to Life.

C’est la vie!


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