The Sartorial Drama

Being a devoted nationalist, very recently I have found myself in taking pride in almost everything being celebrated about India. Of course, not everything is all that merry & flurry. At times, I also had to deal with specific flagrant incidents blazing under the sky. Especially when you are staying abroad for last 6 years but still very much rooted into your Indian ground. My colleagues at work in Netherlands are generally very informed and non-judgmental. Easy for me – fair Enough. Yet sometime it becomes difficult for me to deal with certain tough issues which we ourselves are aware of the related complexities. One such event was Nirbhaya Case which took a toll on world Media & projected India in a wrongful light as the Rape capital. Till date whenever such a harrowing discussion comes up, it really gets awkward to defend my country willingly knowing at back of my mind that it is still happening in spite of all vigilance, demonstrations & strict laws in place. Nevertheless, I try my best to defend India & never back down howsoever illogical I might seem on losing the ground. After all, it’s my country & my people. Period.

That being said it gives me immense pain that all ‘my people’ are not on the same page. Being the largest democracy of the world, I don’t even expect everybody to have same beliefs either. But what intrigues me the most is that journey might be different, but eventually the destination should be the same for all us. Destination obviously here is the love for your country. One could disagree on many fronts but there is always an appropriate way to show your disagreement. One need not be rude to be straight forward.

One such shocking incident popped up very recently during the Olympics Games Rio-2016. One of the very renowned Indian Author ‘Shobha De’ has expressed her anguish on one of the social media platform in a very repulsive way over the performance of Indian Athletes in Rio Olympics. This obviously didn’t go down well with people and she had to suffer the backlash over her comments which went viral & tarnished her well celebrated image to some extent.

India participated in Rio Olympics with its largest ever contingent of 117 athletes. Lately in India, other sports apart from Cricket has also started to gain popularity among the mass. Thanks to awareness boom due to information hype over social media & considerable financial boost to these sporting institutions. Being the second most populous country in the world, it is utterly disgraceful that we are lagging far behind in the race of medals even in compare to much smaller countries with limited resources.

I strongly believe that we have a lot of hidden talent which needs to be located & properly trained in order to earn medals & accolades in world’s highest arena. We need to understand that preparing for Olympics is not a child’s play & it demands a lot of dedication & perseverance at the same time. Every country’s topmost bet contest to their very best in regard to earn the first three spots in the game. It’s just not only the top spot but also grace & pride which they rightfully earn for their country. Doubting their intentions & strength could not get any more worse and is indeed an epitome of shame for the citizens.

Having said that, people with high status or potentially influential background do also have a moral responsibility to share the spirit of Olympic games. Nobody should spit their thoughts out-loud just like that with utter maliciousness. One should have some compassion & solidarity. One has to realize that winning medals comes with pain-staking hard work & sacrifice. It’s one of a kind lifetime opportunity to mark your win on a world Platform. A platform which is going to set the winner in the golden History forever. It is in fact the ‘History in Making’. And who would not want to stand out? The effort & sacrifice every player makes to earn the spot in Olympics squad is in itself a huge achievement & I firmly believe that they worth each & every bit of it. Win a medal or not, atleast the spirit of sportsmanship should be encouraged. The hardships every player goes through is in itself a commendable effort & should be acknowledged & reciprocated with same gesture.

Mocking & confronting their efforts with indignity not only hampers our player’s physiological strength but also mirrors the dark side of our elite society. This face of dark satire is now a days very prevalent on social media platforms. The oppressive attitude & trolling have become the emblem of intelligence without empathy. One is regarded as ultimate genius if one can pull it off readily in an open public forum. In fact Sarcasm is the new Intelligence. The shortest & easiest way to gain attention & populism. All this swanky narrative just only to be on news & media in order to maintain the celebrity class, no matter if good or bad. This latest trend has forced to compromise the very root of our Indian values – Modesty & kindness, to an extent & I am still wondering about the adverse effect of same to our society. And seriously, I do not connect with it & I am certainly not liking it at all. Condemn is the only option suitable for it.

India has now speed tracked its efforts on providing world-class training to the athletes in every possible way but it still demands for additional measures to be fruitful. The whole system needs to be transformed & provisions must be made to incorporate the ever changing dynamics of sports, be it biological or technical. For a substantial result, the changes should be roll out soon in order to make it effective at the earliest. It is a significantly long process which calls for extensive surveying & talent nurturing over a period of time (probably few years) to be able to take on world’s best champions. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

Sakshi Malik & Pusarla Venkata Sindhu – The medal Winners of Rio-2016

Moreover, Olympic Management has to understand that only training is not enough but proper facilities & remuneration is also required to maintain the physical & physiological motivation among the athletes. Many of the talented ones are actually reluctant to pursue it as a long time career because they are being paid literally in pennies. The amount itself is not enough to pay the bills, let alone to provide for a family. Appropriate initiatives should be taken in order to attract best talents across the country & providing with best of infrastructure to groom themselves. Also, the constant interference of Politicians & Bureaucracy is recessing the whole system from within, eventually neglecting the deserved & talented candidate being left out. Actions must be taken to intercept & eradicate this too. Majority of the tax-Payers money goes to the pockets of corrupted leaders & bureaucrats. If only that money has been put to good use & corruption in system being tackled, I am sure the performance of India would have been improved manifolds.

Dipa Karmakar – The first ever Indian Female Artistic Gymnast

At the end of the day, it is all about sportsmanship. Win a medal or not, the spirit of integrity should always be lauded anyway. May the most deserving player win. But the ones who didn’t win doesn’t mean that they lost. They might have lost a medal in Olympics but they definitely are the winners in their home country. At least that standing should be respected by one & all. It’s not only the player but each citizen has the moral & social responsibility to work & lead as a Nation together rather than acting as a fragmented entity. Everyone has a role to play even if it is only as a positive critique or a mute spectator. The dignity & empathy should always remain intact. Its high time to wipe out all adversities and work towards achieving more medals in future. But how so ever we perform, owning it with pride & accomplishment should define our identity & standards. And that’s what spirit of Olympics is all about. And that absolutely my dream of our picture perfect India is.

While writing this whole feature,  I became a little nostalgic and the only befitting lines which crossed my mind are :

Hum honge kaamyaab, Hum honge kaamyaab, Hum honge kaamyaab ek din;
Mann mein hai vishwaas, Pura hai vishwaas, Hum honge kaamyaab ek din.

We shall overcome, We shall overcome, We shall overcome one day;
Oh..deep in my heart, I do believe, We shall overcome one day.


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