The Ugly face of Feminism!


I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will…..     BY: Charlotte Bronte in Jane Eyre

If ever I had to describe myself as a person, this is the utmost quote to which I can relate the most. The free spirit in me knows no boundaries & can expand to any unimaginative lengths one might never understand or affirm with. But that is how I am & that is precisely what my whole existence represents. 

The mother Nature defines the biological characteristics of life on Earth. It however doesn’t define the sociological & demographical aspect of the same. We ‘humans’ as the most intelligent species has somehow declared ourselves as the superior one & decided the sociological character of the genders over the time. The society got constituted mainly of two prime Genders – Male & Female. Being the stronger side, Male was given upper hand over females and accordingly the social roles & responsibilities got divided in due course of time.

gender equal opportunity or representation

Gender equal opportunity or representation

Today’s society in which we live in, somewhat depicts the modified structure of these functions which are transformed & altered over the generations to suit the current state of affairs. Also, the advances in general sociology & science has impacted into a much open & familiar platform to address the day-today behavioral aspect within the society. One of such famous movements which carved out its stand & reserved a place in history is Feminism. This was the one niche campaign which indeed played a key role to adapt these liberal aspects to strengthen the position of women after all. Breaking away with age old traditions & customs which no longer hold true in this era definitely was a great step and hence forth evolved as an immense revolution dedicated to the upliftment & equality of the fairer sex in the social arena. But even after all these reforms, the pivotal role of social animal is still very much grounded into the utmost law of nature.

bigstock-young-happy-woman-standing-in-19498907-1024x597Recently, there has been a lot of news & happenings over the not very new but exaggerated concept of feminism. Being an educated & well versed woman myself, I could feel this cause very close to my heart. During the nineties & even till 2010, I could connect myself comfortably with the essence of feminism. For me, it is more related to the well-educated successful all-rounder woman. It defines the woman who can manage her personal, social and professional life upfront with success & grace simultaneously. It is about the woman who is aware of her surroundings, responsibilities & concedable rights towards the society & her family. This might not necessarily include doing all basic home chores all by herself but more as of administrating the same from upper level. After all, the freedom of thought & expression is one of the vital ingredients of this so called recipe known as Feminism. Creating your own space & establish yourself with a strong identity among the crowd is what defines the core existence of this belief. It is not about the society only but also about achieving an equilibrium of determination & peace with the inner self. In this man’s world, Success speaks for itself. The one who is confident enough to be heard & appreciated at, qualifies herself for the prestigious accolades of this ideology. In brief, it was all about empowerment of women in all possible positive sense. OR I thought so.


One of the finest perks of an accomplished feminist is that she is regarded highest in the hierarchical civil circle. The one who is successful & leading the way for her peers & others. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact I feel motivated & encouraged to develop myself to carry the same persona in order to live up with my dream role with success & fame. & who wouldn’t want to? If given a chance, everybody would prefer or rather choose for that exuberant life. But the bottom line here is not the success but the richness in way of life. One might not be successful but should be elated enough with the inner-self. The definition of success might vary but the ultimate goal should be to spread the essence of one’s life to motivate others in growing themselves. The journey might not be easy but one will definitely grow as a person, enriched with experiences. Feminism also fundamentally relate to the same view. In a man dominated world, the females should be given equal opportunity to develop themselves as an individual & should not be considered as an option. Acknowledging & appreciating her identity is more essential to elevate their confidence & motivate to yearn for more. Nothing can beat the sense of achieving something substantial which is far more fulfilling than anything else under the sky.

But what’s important here is that one’s understanding must not defy the constitutive law of the nature. Somehow the concept of feminism has changed or twisted over the years. It is not anymore the definition that I used to think. I know change is inevitable & absolutely no denial to that cause. But what disturbs me the most is the depiction of modern avatar of the same. The narrative which is all very distant from the ground reality. Asking for same rights, freedom & social stature is perfectly adequate but asking for the same to the point of profanity & infidelity is downright crap. While advocating for such changes, one must not forget the social & moral responsibility towards the community. These fine invisible attached strings are the very essence of our future civilization. What we sow today will ripe our tomorrow. But much to my astonishment, the benchmark we are setting up now a days are somehow very contradictory & demeaning to the law of nature as well as towards progressive union. It is hurting the very core sentiment of respect & trust within individuals which will eventually destroy the basis of association. The group which grows without mutual cooperation & admiration could not yield into a healthy & prosperous society.


My very first & precious reminiscence of motherhood…

For a better tomorrow, every element in this space has a particular role to play which is exclusively unique to that part only. Negating those roles & responsibilities is not going to help in anyway. The biological uniqueness of women through which they have the capability to give birth is not something to squabble about. I am rather happy & proud to be able to give birth & play the role of a mother and would not give it away at any cost. This is the privilege exclusively showered on Women & is indeed the root ideology of Feminism. Exercising a choice of not giving birth should not be associated with it.

capture1As an individual everybody has the right to decide & lead their life by themselves. But generalizing & relating those individual decisions to a more comprehensive approach of feminism is utterly deceiving. One has to understand that this philosophy has taken shape to elevate the physical & ethical values of women & not to exploit & mislead something dubious. Moreover, downgrading & generalizing the whole Male clan as a ‘chauvinist’ due to some unfortunate incidents is not anymore a sensible argument in today’s world. The men have been divided and conquered in the name of equality, feminism and a host of other bobbins which necessarily doesn’t hold true anymore. One belief can’t grow & rise over stepping on other’s back especially when the nature has created & developed it in tandem with each other. Infesting hatred & divide among ourselves could not be the ladder of progress for either of us in any way. In the end, I guess it very much depends on the individual’s personal preference that which aspect they want to associate with ultimately.


 As far as I am concerned, this fanatism appall me the most & in no way would like to connect with this particular approach anymore. In current times, due to these extra flurry perspective & vision, feminism is not anymore considered as a privilege and is rather used as a blasphemy. It saddens me to witness such a downfall of an accomplished belief which once was associated or to such an exceptional cause in human society. But I believe that everything in this world has to go through a roller-coaster ride in time whether it is an individual or a revolution. I just hope that it is the lowest trough in present time & would not stoop further below in future. I assume that the principle with which Feminism gained its roots will return to its full glory in coming years. Being an optimist, I appreciate the fact that there is always a ray of hope to look forward into a better future. A future of amicable relationship with a promise of trust, respect & fidelity among the various entities to make the journey of life worthwhile.



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