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Since its the actualization of my writing spree, I settled down my choice to regard the day to one of the most wonderful yet complex creation on earth “The Woman”. With so many roles to play during her lifetime, its hard to conclude the best role out of all. Every juncture of life demands a different role for every individual. Unlike the opposite gender, God has graced woman with more sense of responsibility, care and patience. Woman as a whole doesn’t only exist as an individual but also engulf her dear ones within herself. And that’s exactly why the woman plays multiple roles at a time. Every role has its own significance in their respective terms but for me as I realize now, the importance of womanhood lies under being a “Mother” – the utmost regarded role one can ever have.

Mother – The first word a child ever learns to speak and value it for rest of the life. As all of us believe that woman is the Source of new life on the earth, it’s not only the source but the power to sustain life within her and illuminates the energy to surround others with her love & affection. Giving birth to a child is the best auspicious deed ever. Nothing can come close to the love that a mother feels for her children. Describing a mother’s affection is beyond the limit of words, it can only be felt by those who experienced it.

Today I idolize my mother more than ever not only because she gave birth to me but because she is always there for me irrespective of time, place or situation. She always stood beside me whenever I needed her, through all my ups & downs. She is my best friend as I confided every truth, concerns & regrets within her and found soothing comfort under her shade. She always guides me whenever I get stuck, and cheers on every success of mine. She is the perfect inspiration for me in every walk of life. On this very occasion of International Woman’s day, I want to take this opportunity to dedicate my first Blog to my Mother whom I regard the Best Woman on the planet. Love you Maa….




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